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Wireless Media Devices

BLUETOOTH is the perfect complement to your hearing aids, empowering you to participate more actively in practically all situations.

Bluetooth Capability and accessories is a series of devices that help you to connect to a wide variety of communication and entertainment applications – transforming your hearing aids into a personal wireless headset. Bluetooth accessories enhance communication across the board. Face-to-face conversations are clearer and easier to control. Watching TV, listening to music, video chatting and talking on the phone are simpler than ever before.

BLUETOOTH ACCESSORIES are built for the following electronics:

A Bluetooth Streamer puts you in total control - Not only of program shifts and hearing aid volume, but also of all sources of audio-based information, entertainment and communication. By picking up the audio signal and sending it straight into both ears, the Streamer turns a pair of hearing aids into a small wireless headset. With no detectable delays in transmission, audio signals perfectly match any visual images. This can make all the difference when watching TV or using a computer.

Bluetooth Streamers have been developed and thoroughly tested with hearing aid users in mind so that daily use is straightforward and intuitive. Looking much like a stylish MP3 player, the Streamer offers easy access to mobile phones, landline phones, laptops, TVs and MP3 player.

Built-In Bluetooth Wireless Technology

The Streamer has built-in Bluetooth technology and supports all relevant Bluetooth profiles. Bluetooth is a commonly used global standard for mobile phones and offers a transition range of up to ten meters.  The accessories also support Bluetooth for mobile headset functionality to hear sound wirelessly to your hearing aids from a TV, phone, computer and many other devices.

MIOCROPHONE - Microphone is a discreet microphone that connects wirelessly to the Streamer and lets you enjoy clear and private one-to-one communication in challenging listening environments. Listening performance is dramatically improved where one-to-one conversations before were difficult or even impossible.  It especially helps with conversation in the car!

CELL PHONE - More and more people rely on mobile communication, but for some users it is difficult, or even impossible, to use mobile phones. 

Hands-free connectivity to mobile phones is more important than ever in a driving situation. The system is designed for easy and stress-free calls so that you can talk easily and safely, without taking your hands off the wheel.

As sound is transmitted directly from the mobile phone to the hearing instruments, traditional barriers to phone use are eliminated

LAN LINE Phone - Bluetooth phone Accessory adapter breaks down the barriers to phone communication – so users can listen and talk to family and friends with total clarity and ease.

With the phone adapter, you will never have to worry about missing an important call or missing crucial details. The Bluetooth accessories transform hearing instruments into a wireless hands-free solution for home use. 

The phone adapter is installed in parallel to the existing domestic landline phone(s). When receiving an incoming call, you will hear a call alert in the hearing aids. By pushing the phone button on the Streamer, the phone is picked up and transfered to the hearing aids. With a wireless range of 30 meters, users can hear and answer a call from almost any room in the house – without having to go to the phone.

TV LINK - Bluetooth lets you enjoy watching TV at your preferred volume without missing out on important calls from family or friends.

With the TV adapter, you will be able to watch your favorite films and TV programs with newfound ease. You control the volume of the TV personally via your streaming device, meaning that the volume for the rest of the family can remain at a level which suits them, even muted.

PERSONAL REMOTE - Do you prefer to control your hearing instruments manually? You get access to choose small, discreet instruments. Although these styles do not have buttons, they can all be manually adjusted using your new Bluetooth accessories. You choose how you would like your new Bluetooth Accessories to work for you. If you are looking for an intuitive, simple-to-use remote solution, we have help for you.