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“Kelly Nelson is a delightful person and knowledgeable professional with a very attentive manner when discussing and understanding a patient’s hearing difficulties and tinnitus. Her detailed and easily understood explanations about my hearing loss and tinnitus, and the effects of my hearing loss on daily life, provided me with great confidence that she understands my situation and what I have been going through." —Anonymous

"I truly appreciate seeing her smiles, which accompany a kindness and personal warmth I rarely find among professionals, and enhance the connection between patient and clinician. She treated me like a friend. She bent over backwards to help me. I wish there were more professionals like her." —Anonymous

"I look forward to working with her in the future meeting all of my audiology needs. I have much respect and hold high regards for Kelly and am so glad I know her.” —S.W.

"They were very professional in handling my hearing loss and I am glad I took this forward step in the right direction. Thank you for helping me at this time.” —A.R.

“My hearing loss was first diagnosed during a draft physical my senior year in college. I began wearing hearing aids when I was in my early thirties because I was having trouble following conversations in group settings. Since then, I have met with an audiologist regularly and replaced my aids every five years or so. When Kelly fit my Oticon Alta Pro aids two years ago, I was blown away by the clarity of the sound. I felt like I was thirty again. I could hear that well.” —Anonymous

“My wife Peggy is a big fan of the Oticon Streamer Pro. This device allows me to listen to TV on mute setting or at a different level from her. It also enables me to answer the telephone without getting up. As a stroke survivor, this is a real plus.” —Anonymous

“Over the past 35 years I have interacted with many hearing specialists. While everyone has been helpful, Kelly’s knowledge and warmth have been extraordinary.  We are fortunate to have Southern Maine Audiology in Falmouth.” —T.G.

“I was successfully fitted with my first set of hearing aids by Southern Maine Audiology. They were meticulous in going through the process to make sure the final choice was the correct choice. We are fortunate to have the committed professionals of Southern Maine Audiology here in Falmouth.” —Falmouth resident